Come and join us for dress up nights! When is this? Every Friday, what is this? We invite guests to come in the costume of the night best one wins a prize!

There is going to be a wedding in the hell club. We invite every one to come and see Dillon Fate and Esmeralda Brooks get married Feb the 14th!


Thurs-Sat: 5pm - Close

Sun-Wed: 5pm - 1am

1439 Ivar Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tel: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890

Hello and welcome to the hottest night club around.Once known as the heaven and hell club. But the heaven side was never really busy. So the club closed down for a bit and was remodeled. The light side that was once heaven redone and even the lay out of the side that was once called hell is a little different. So stop in to the new Hell club and have one sinful night. Where is the club located at? In sunny California. The owner of this night club is Luna (Sinful Lust)


Every one must stop in the lobby for a weapon check. This means stopping letting a staff member use the hand metal detector or the walk though one. A pat down if needed and then waving you in to the club. Once you are waved in you must enter the club. No lurking in the lobby. If you do not stop that is a warning. After being warned once you will be kicked and third time is a ban. Same goes for the lurking in the lobby. 


Magic use in the club 

Thanks to a demon who wanted to be an ass. A mage put up a barrier on the club. No one no matter the race of or power level can use magic in the club. It is now seen as a weapon that some will use to harm people. The only one that can is Luna and that is due to her being an angel and mostly using her powers to heal and kick people out as need be and that is cause she is the owner as well.


We are hiring! What do we need? Bar tenders see Jake Gray, Bouncers see Dillon Fate, Waiters, Cleaning crew and kitchen staff. See Luna, Aurora or Esmeralda for those. ( What you wanting to work? Full-time? Part-time? Volunteer? Full-time is at least four out of seven days you are in the club, at least on call. Part-time is two out of seven days on call, and Volunteer is simply come in whenever you like. All we ask is that you Let someone know (via pm) if you are not going to be in for a while for any reason, we dont mind just a heads up is all we ask.)


Join us for dress up nights every Friday night. We invite the guests to dress up in the theme and we will pick a winner who earns a prize! 


Please note that the upstairs where the bedrooms are at are off limits to guests. The only way a guest can come up is if invited up by a worker of the club. There is a sign by the stairs saying employees only.